Legal form of Suis’state Ltd

Suis’state Ltd is a company limited by shares, which operates as a general contractor and builder, providing consultancy and relocation services, real-estate negotiation and management as well as project planning, administration and execution. Suis’state Ltd also develops, produces and trades construction machinery and equipment as well as building materials and home furnishings.

Address and Contact details

Suis’state Ltd
Kolinplatz 6
6300 Zug, Switzerland

Phone: +41 41 727 22 68
Fax : +41 41 727 22 69

VAT number: CHE-115.406.883 MWS

Design & Publishing

Goldland Media GmbH

Content & Architecture

Marianna N. Berg & Silvia Rollino


All photographs reproduced with authorization from the right owners. Kindly contact us for any further information.



Please feel free at any time to drop us an e-mail with a few hints on your wishes, specifications or dreams, and we will call you back right away – always with an open mind and door.

Suis’state Ltd
Lands & Properties

Kolinplatz Nr 6
6300 Zug, Switzerland
Phone +41 41 727 22 68
Fax +41 41 727 22 51